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1.Observation of Feshbach Resonances in the F+ H2 → HF +H Reaction
Minghui Qiu, Zefeng Ren, Li Che, Dongxu Dai, Steve A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang, Xueming Yang, Chuanxiu Xu, Daiqian Xie, Magnus Gustafsson, Rex T. Skodje, Zhigang Sun, Donghui Zhang
Science 311 (1440-1443) 2006

2.A double-stage pulsed discharge fluorine atom beam source
Zefeng Ren, Minghui Qiu, Li Che, Dongxu Dai, Xiuyan Wang, Xueming Yang
Review of Science Instruments 77 (016102 –1 to 016102-3) 2006

3.State to State to State Dynamics of the D+ H2 → HD+ H Reaction: Control of Transition-State Pathways via Reagent Orientation
Jiangyang Zhang,Dongxu Dai,Chia C. Wang, Steven A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang,Magnus Gustafsson, Rex T. Skodje
Physical Review Letters 96 ( 093201-1 to 093201-4) 2006

4.Experimental and Quantum Dynamical Study on an Asymmetric Insertion Reaction:
State-to-State Dynamics of O(1D)+ HD (1∑g + , v’=0, j’=0) → OH (2∏, v’’, N’’)+D(2S)

Kaijun Yuan,Yuan Cheng,Xianghong Liu,Steven A. Harich,Xueming Yang
Physical Review Letters 96 (103202-1 to 103202-4)2006

5.Full quantum state resolved scattering dynamics of the F+H2 → HF+H reaction at 5.02 KJ/mol
Minghui Qiu,Zefeng Ren,Li Che,Dongxu Dai,Steve A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19(2)93-95 (2006)

6.F+H2 化学反应中的Feshbach 共振之研究
Xueming Yang, Daiqian Xie,Donghui Zhang
物理 35(6)443-446(2006)

7.Effect of Parent Internal Excitation on Product State Distribution in Methyl Radical Photodissociation at 212.5 nm
Guorong Wu,Jinghui Zhang,Steve A. Harich, Xueming Yang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19(2)109-116(2006)

8.An experimental and theoretical study of ring closing dynamics in HN
Jiangyang Zhang,Peng Zhang, Yuan Cheng,Kaijun Yuan,Steven A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang, Zhi Wang, Xueming Yang
Keiji Morokuma, Alec M. Wodtke
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8(14)1690-1696 (2006)

9.Multiple Channel Dynamics in the O(1D) Reaction with Alkanes
Xueming Yang
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8(2)205-215 (2006) (invited article)

10.A Velocity Map Ion-imaging Study on Ketene Photodissociation at 218 nm
Jie Liu,Fengyan Wang,Hua Wang,Bo Jiang,Xueming Yang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19 (1)1-5 (2006)

11.Photodissociation Dynamics of Ketene at 157.6 nm
I-Chung Lu, Shih-Huang Lee, Yuan T. Lee, Xueming Yang
Journal of Chemical Physics 124(2), 024324-1 to 024324-6 (2006)

12.A Global ab initio potential energy surface for F+H2 →HF+H
Chuanxiu Xu, Daiqian Xie, Donghui Zhang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19(2)96-98 (2006)

13.Observing the stereodynamics of chemical reactions using randomly oriented molecular beams
Magnus Gustafsson, Rex T. Skodje, Jiangyang Zhang, Dongxu Dai,Steve A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Journal of Chemical Physics 124,241105-1 to 241105-4 (2006)

14.Theoretical studies on the dynamics of the fluorine atom reaction with trans-1,3-butadiene
Hui Song,Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19 (4) 281-285 (2006 )

Dongxu Dai,Guorong Wu,Xueming Yang

16.Probing Feshbach resonances in F+H2(j=1)→ HF+H Dynamical effect of single quantum H2-rotation
Zefeng Ren,Li Che,Minghui Qiu,Xing'an Wang,Dongxu Dai,Steven A. Harich, Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang,
Chuanxiu Xu,Daiqian Xie,Zhigang Sun,Donghui Zhang
Journal of Chemical Physics 125(15)151102-1 to 151102-4 (2006)

17.Ab initio Study of Radical-Molecule Reaction : F+CH2CHCH3
Ling Wang,Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 19(5) 386-390(2006)

18.A Crossed Molecular Beams Study on the Dynamics of F Atom Reaction with SiH4 ,
Guanlin Shen, Xueming Yang, Jinian Shu, Chung-Hsin Yang, Yuan T. Lee
Journal of Chemical Physics 125(13)133103-1 to 133103- 5 (2006)

(1102,1105 两组共有)

19.State-to state quantum reactive scattering for four-atom chemical reactions: Differential cross section for the H+H2O →H2+OH abstraction reaction
Donghui Zhang
Journal of Chemical Physics 125(13)133102-1 to 133102- 4 (2006)

20.A Test of the Continuous Configuration Time-Dependent Self-Consistent Field (CC-TDSCF)
Method on the H + CH4 Reaction

Liling Zhang,Soo-Y. Lee, Donghui Zhang
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (16) 5513 – 5519(2006)

21.A full dimensional time-dependent wave packet study for the H4 four-center, collision induced dissociation and single exchange reactions: Reaction probabilities for J=0
Yunpeng Lu,Soo-Y,Lee, Donghui Zhang
Journal of Chemical Physics 124(1)011101-1 to 011101- 4 (2006)


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