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1. Molecular dynamics and control following excitation with an ultra-short intense laser pulse
Zhigang Sun ,Nanquan Lou, Gunnar Nyman
Chemical Physics 308,317–323 (2005)

2. A 2A2←X 2B1 absorption and Raman spectra of the OClO molecule: A three-dimensional time-dependent wave packet study
Zhigang Sun Nanquan Lou Gunnar Nyman
Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 054316 –1 to 054316 –7 (2005)

3. State-to-state dynamics of high-n Rydberg H-atom scattering with D2
Dongxu Dai, Chia ,Chen Wang, Guorong Wu, Steven A. Harich, Hui Song Michael Hayes
Rex T. Skodje ,Xiuyan Wang ,Dieter Gerlich ,Xueming Yang
Physical Review Letters 95,013201-1 to 013201-4 (2005)

4. A velocity map ion-imaging study on ketene photodissociation at 208 and 213 nm: Rotational dependence of product angular anisotropy
Jie Liu ,Fengyan Wang, Hua Wang, Bo Jiang, Xueming Yang

Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 104309-1 to 104309-6(2005)

5. High resolution time-of-flight spectrometer for crossed molecular beam study of elementary chemical reactions
Minghui Qiu, Li Che, Zefeng Ren, Dongxu Dai, Xiuyan Wang, Xueming Yang

Review of scientific instruments 76, 083107-1 to 083107-5(2005)

6. Chemical reaction dynamics of Rydberg atoms with neutral molecules: A comparison of molecular-beam and classical trajectory results for the H (n) + D2 → HD + D (n') reaction
Hui Song, Dongxu Dai, Guorong Wu, Chia, Chen Wang, Steven A. Harich Michael Hayes
Xiuyan Wang Dieter Gerlich Xueming Yang Rex T. Skodje

Journal of Chemical Physics 123, 074314-1 to 074314-10 (2005)

7. Potential energy surface and product branching ratios for the reaction of F(2P) with the methyl radical: An ab initio/RRKM study
Ling Wang ,Vadim V. Kislov Alexander M. Mebel ,Xueming Yang, Xiuyan Wang,
Chemical Physics Letters 406 (2005) 60–74

8. Continuous configuration time-dependent self-consistent field method for polyatomic quantum dynamical problems
Donghui Zhang, Weizhu Bao, Minghui Yang ,Soo-Y. Lee
Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 091101-1 to 091101-4 (2005)

9. State-to-State Dynamics of Elementary Chemical Reactions using Rydberg H Atom Translational Spectroscopy,
Xueming Yang
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 24(1)37-98(2005) (invited review article)

10. High Resolution Study on Highly Excited Rydberg H Atom Scattering with He
Guorong Wu,Qin Ran, Dongxu Dai,Xueming Yang
化学物理学报 18(6) 867-871(2005)

11. Velocity map imaging study of OCS photodissociation followed by S(1S) Autoionization at 157 nm
Shiou-Min Wu, Xueming Yang, David H. Parker
Molecular Physics 103(13) 1797-1807(2005)



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