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1. Crossed molecular beam studies of the fluorine atom reaction with trans-1, 3- butadiene
Quanli Gu,Xiuyan Wang,Guanlin Shen,Chongxin Yang,Qin Ran,Xueming Yang
化学物理学报 17(1)15-20(2004.2)

2. Quantum interference in collision-induced energy transfer for CO(A1Π,υ=0/e3Σ-,υ=1)-HCl (X1Σ)system studied by OODR-MPI spectroscopy
Jie Liu, Mengtao Sun,Bo Jiang,Guohe Sha
Chemical Physics Letters 388,306-311(2004)

3. CO(A1Π--e3Σ-)混合激发态碰撞传能过程的量子干涉效应 --- 跃迁振幅和相位角的时间特性
Hongmei Tian,Guohe Sha,Cunhao Zhang
化学物理学报 17(3)283-291(2004)

4. Femtosecond pump-probe photodissociation of OClO: direct observation of the 2A1 state and the role of accidental multiphoton resonance
Zhigang Sun,Nanquan Lou,Gunnar Nyman
Chemical Physics Letters 393,204-208(2004)

5. N–甲替甲酰胺-水的氢键团簇的从头计算研究
Xiaolan Mu,Yanling Jin,Xiuyan Wang,Nanquan Lou
化学物理学报 17(3)241-248(2004.6)

6. Photodissociation dynamics of 1,2-butadiene at 157 nm
Xiaolan Mu,Yizhong Lu,Shihuang Li,Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Journal of Chemical Physics 121(10)4684-4690(2004)

7. Time-Dependent Wave Packet Split Operator Calculations on a Three-Dimensional Fourier
Grid in Radau Coordinates Applied to the OClO Photoelectron Spectrum
Zhigang Sun,Nanquan Lou,Gunnar Nyman
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108, 9226-9232 (2004)

8. Photodissociation dynamics of the methyl radical at 212.5 nm: Effect of parent internal excitation
Guorong Wu,Bo Jiang,Qin Ran,Jinghui Zhang,Steven A. Harich, Xueming Yang
Journal of Chemical Physics 120(5)2193-2198(2004)

9. Coherent Classical-Path Description of Deep Tunneling
Donghui Zhang, Eli Pollak
Physical Review Letters 93 (14) 140401-1 to 140401-4

10.Photodissociation Dynamics of 1,3-Butadiene at 157 nm
Xiaolan Mu,Yizhong Lu,Shihuang Li,Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108, 11470-11476(2004)

11. Ab Initio/RRKM Study of the O(1D) + NH3 Reaction: Prediction of Product Branching Ratios
Ling Wang,Alexander M. Mebel, Xueming Yang,Xiuyan Wang
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108, 11644-11650 (2004)

12.State – to - state dynamics of elementary chemical reaction using Rydberg H-atom translational spectroscopy
Modern Trends in Chemical Reaction Dynamics: Experiment and Theory, Part II,
edited by Xueming Yang and K. Liu
World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, ISBN 981-238-923-7
(著作)约25万字 (2004)

13.Dynamics of the F atom Reaction with propene
Qin Ran, Chung-Hsin Yang, Guanlin Shen, Yuanzhe Li,Xueming Yang
Journal of Chemical Physics 121(13)6302-6308 (2004).

14.The Observation of Quantum Bottleneck States
Rex T. Skodje, Xueming Yang
International Review in Physical Chemistry 23(2) 253-287(2004)



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