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1.Selecting ionization path by dynamic stark shift with strong laser pulse
Zhigang Sun,Hongping Liu,Nanquan Lou,Shulin Cong
Chemical Physical Letters 369(2003)374-379

2Collision-induced rotational energy transfer of CO (A1, v=3) with He, Ne and Ar: (II) Theoretical interpretation of the experiment
Mengtao Sun,Yongqing Li,Fengcai Ma,Guohe Sha
Chemical Physics Letters 371 (2003) 342-348

Shuhui Yin,Hongping Liu,Jiangyang Zhang,Bo Jiang,Li Wang,Guohe Sha,Nanquan Lou
化学物理学报 16(1)3-8 (2003.2)

4Collisional quantum interference on rotational energy transfer in Na2 (A1u+, v=8~b3 0u, v=14) Na system
Hongmei Tian,Mengtao Sun,Guohe Sha
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physsics 5, 1570-1574(2003)

5A-related quantum interference of Π-state diatomic on collision- induced rotationaal energy Transfer
Mengtao Sun,Fengcai Ma,Guohe Sha
Chemical Physics Letters 374,20-27 (2003)

6Femtosecond pump-probe mass spectra on the dissociative photoionization of CF3I
Shuhui Yin,Hongping Liu,Jiangyang Zhang,Bo Jiang, Li Wang,Guohe Sha,Nanquan Lou
Chemical Physics Letters 372 (2003) 904-910

7In Interference of quantized transition – state pathways in the H+D2 → D + HD chemical reaction
Dongxu Dai,Chia C. Wang, Steven A.Harich, Xiuyan Wang,Xueming Yang,Sheng Der Chao, Rex T. Skodje
Science 300, 1730-1734 (2003)

8Nanosecond and femtosecond laser photoionization and ab initio calculation studies of some hydrogen bonded clusters
Bailin Zhang,Nanquan Lou,Xiuyan Wang
中国科学院研究生院学报 20(2)260(2003)

9Internal conversion dynamics of benzene studied by femtosecond pump-probe mass spectroscopy
Shuhui Yin,Hongping Liu,Jiangyang Zhang,Bo Jiang,Li Wang,Guohe Sha,Nanquan Lou
化学物理学报 16(3)171-175 (2003)

10.Autler-townes splitting in the multiphoton resonance ionization spectrum of molecules produced by ultrashort laser pulses
Zhigang Sun,Nanquan Lou
Physical Review Letters 91(2) 023002-1 to 023002-4(2003)

11.Rotational energy transfer on CO(++e3Σ- , v= 1) collision with He: interpretation of the propensity rules
Mengtao Sun,Guohe Sha
Chemical Physics Letters 378 (2003) 148-154

Yanling Jin,Xiaolan Mu,Bailin Zhang,Xiuyan Wang
化学物理学报 16(6)445-454 (2003)

13.Mutiple Channel Reaction Dynamics using Universal Molecular Beam Techniques, Modern Trends in Chemical Reaction Dynamics: Experiment and Theory, Part I
Edited by Xueming Yangand K. Liu
World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (2003)

14.Probing the Structures and Dynamics of Quantized State States
Xueming Yang
Natural Science Newsletter 15(2), 39(2003). (Invited)

15.Product Angular Anisotropy in the Photodissociation of CO2 at 157 nm
I-Chung Lu, Jim J. Lin, Shih-Huang Lee, Yuanzhe Li, Xueming Yang
Chemical Physics Letters 382(5-6)665-670 (2003)



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